The Classic Box
The Classic Box
The Classic Box
The Classic Box

The Classic Box

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The Classic Box comes with three-½ pound cuts of cheese. All of which is cheesemonger selected and freshly cut for you from the world's very best producers delivered right to your door.

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          OUR February CHEESE SELECTION


          Cheesemaker Andy Hatch only makes Pleasant Ridge Reserve from milk produced when his cows have been out on pasture, giving the milk and cheese a rich, golden color and grassy flavor that tastes of summer. Andy only makes cheese on days when the pasture conditions are ideal to ensure the quality of the cheese. The farm incorporates rotational grazing by creating 20 separate pastures on their 244-acre farm in southern Wisconsin. The recipe for Pleasant Ridge Reserve is similar to the French Alpine classic Beaufort and yields cheese with deep savory flavor. We can taste sweet salted caramel, grass, and a mile long fruity finish. Pleasant Ridge is the most-awarded cheese in American history, having won Best of Show in the American Cheese Society’s annual competition three times (2001, 2005 and 2010)

          Farm/Producer/Importer: Uplands Cheese/Andy Hatch
          Place: Dodgeville, WI USA
          Style: Firm
          Milk Type: Raw Cow
          Rennet: Traditional
          Age: 9-10 months
          Pairing: Syrah or Old World Chardonnay. Belgian Witbier


          We think Capriole Farm makes some of the best goat cheese in the world and Sofia is truly a cheesemonger favorite. Ask any cheesemonger in the United States, this slightly aged chevre makes us all swoon! Hand-ladled and ash ripened (which is neutral in flavor) with flavors of citrus and cream and a texture that just melts in your mouth. Goat cheese doesn't get much better.

          Capriole Farm
          Place: Greenville, IN
          Style: Bloomy, geotrichum ash-ripened
          Milk Type: Pasteurized goat
          Rennet: Traditional
          Age:1-3 weeks
          Pairing: Sauvignon blanc, sparkling white wine or a nice hefeweizen


          In 1999 Tony Yurgaitis and George Malkemus, two executives from Manolo Blahnik shoes bought a 300-acre farm in the rolling hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut. They restored the buildings and reintroduced a herd of dairy cows to the property. These were show cows and soon won awards all over the country for their superior genetics. They began bottling the milk and selling it locally and regionally. Fast forward a few years and they have expanded into ice cream, butter, sour cream, and cheese all made at their small creamery in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Tapping Reeve is their take on a cheddar. Its flavors are sweet and grassy, and the texture is slightly crumbly.

          Arethusa Farm Dairy
          Place: Litchfield, CT
          Style: Firm
          Milk Type: Cow
          Rennet: Traditional
          Age: 16-24 months
          Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon, IPA

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