The Classic Box
The Classic Box

The Classic Box

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The Classic Box comes with three-½ pound cuts of cheese. All of which is cheesemonger selected and freshly cut for you from the world's very best producers delivered right to your door.

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          In the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, Highlawn Farm milks a herd of 100% Jersey cows, and that rich fatty milk is turned into cheese, butter, ice cream, and other wholesome dairy products. The herd grazes on fresh grass in the summer months, has waterbeds to sleep on in winter, and is never given growth hormones. The farm grows all its feed for the winter months.

          Highlawn Queen is a cheesemonger favorite. This brie-style cheese is decadent with grassy, buttery flavors and a delicious edible rind.

          Farm/Producer/Importer: Highlawn Farm
          Place: Lee, MA
          Style: Bloomy
          Milk Type: Cow
          Rennet: Traditional
          Age: 2-6 Weeks
          Pairing: Beaujolais, Kölsch


          Lively Run Goat Dairy has been making cheese since 1983 in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate, NY. In that time, cheesemaking was passed down from Suzanne Messmer to her son Pete. Finger lakes Gold is similar to a goat's milk gouda like a Midnight Moon. Finger Lakes Gold has a firm creamy paste that is bright and nutty and milky.

          Farm/Producer/Importer: Lively Run Dairy
          Place: Interlaken, NY
          Style: Firm
          Milk Type: Goat
          Rennet: Vegetarian
          Age: 3 Months
          Pairing: Cabernet Franc, Belgian Ale


          One of the things we love about Jasper Hill Farm is its commitment to its people. In fact, on their website, it clearly states people are their main ingredient. Whitney is a smooth, meltable cheese named for Jasper Hill Farm's most senior employee, Tim Whitney.

          Whitney is made in the style of mid-elevation mountain cheeses of the Alps. The curds are rinsed with water during the cheesemaking process to slow the acidification and create a smooth, elastic texture. As the cheese matures, the wheels are washed with a mixture of morge, a cultured brine, and spent yeast from 'La Garagista' tanks, a terroir-driven natural winemaker in Vermont. The results are cheese with a mellow milky flavor and a fruity, funky finish.

          Farm/Producer/Importer: Jasper Hill Farm
          Place: Greensboro, VT
          Style: Semi-firm
          Milk Type: Raw Cow
          Rennet: Traditional
          Age: 3-6 Months
          Pairing: Grüner Veltliner, Saison

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