The Classic Box
The Classic Box
The Classic Box
The Classic Box

The Classic Box

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The Classic Box comes with three-½ pound cuts of cheese. All of which is cheesemonger selected and freshly cut for you from the world's very best producers delivered right to your door.

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          MONT IDYLL

          In 2010, Mark and Amy Spitznagel purchased a 100-year-old cherry orchard in northern Michigan and turned it into a Certified Humane® goat farm. There, they are combining traditional French cheesemaking practices with modern technology. Award-winning Mont Idyll is inspired by the traditional Valençay cheese from the Loire Valley of France and was named a “Best Artisanal Cheese” by Food & Wine Magazine. Mont Idyll's soft-ripened rind is delicately sprinkled with vegetable ash, and its interior is fluffy and smooth when young. As the cheese ages, a cream line develops, and the center becomes denser. The flavors are bright with hints of, lemon and grass.

          Farm/Producer/Importer: Idyll Farms
          Place: Northport, MI USA
          Style: Bloomy
          Milk Type: Goat
          Rennet: Traditional
          Age: 12-21 days
          Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, or Chenin Blanc. Dry hard cider


          Oma is an American original, made by Sebastian von Trapp on his family's dairy farm in Waitsfield, Vermont. Oma means grandmother in German and is named in honor of their grandmother. It is an approachable washed-rind cheese and is made from the organic milk of the von Trapp's Jersey cows. Oma's flavor balances sweetness and pungency with flavors of ham, roasted nuts, and cultured butter. The interior is soft and pudding-like.

          Farm/Producer/Importer: von Trapp Farmstead Cheese
          Place: Waitsfield, VT
          Style: Washed
          Milk Type: Cow
          Rennet: Traditional
          Age: 10-14 weeks
          Pairing: Grüner Veltliner/Belgian Dubbel Ale

          ALPHA TOLMAN

          The Swiss classic Appenzeller inspires the recipe for Alpha Tolman. Alpha has a dense texture and smooth paste which melts beautifully. When young, Alpha Tolman is milky, nutty and a bit fruity and as it ages it develops deeper oniony, beefy notes. It is made using traditional Alpine methods of cooking and pressing the curds to achieve a tight, elastic, smooth texture. Like all of Jasper Hill's cheeses, Alpha's name is a nod to the history of Greensboro. Alpha Tolman was a pioneering dairy farmer in Greensboro.

          Farm/Producer/Importer: Jasper Hill Farm
          Place: Greensboro, VT
          Style: Firm, Alpine
          Milk Type: Raw Cow
          Rennet: Traditional
          Age: 8-12 months
          Pairing: Nero d'Avola, Nut Brown Ale

          BUILD A BOX

          Choose 3 cheese from our curated selection to make your own Classic box or add an additional two accompaniments to create your own Signature box