Stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas? Try a Cheese Subscription!

Stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas? Try a Cheese Subscription!

Now that the excitement and gatherings of Thanksgiving are over it’s time to turn our attention to Christmas. Rather than being like 60% of Americans and buying your gifts the week before Christmas, why not get organised this year and buy what you can online? If you are stuck for gift ideas and your recipient likes cheese you could consider a cheese subscription. This is a great way to educate cheese lovers into choosing more artisan products, broadening their palate and giving a gift that lasts longer than a few days.

Why choose a cheese subscription box?

Yes, you could just buy a mixed packet of cheese from your local grocery store, or create your own hamper with selected cheese items but you’ll be left with a one-off gift that is limited to your own knowledge of cheese. By choosing a cheese subscription box from Cheesemonger Box you are giving your recipient a gift that keeps on giving as you can choose to have our boxes delivered every month or for 3, 6 or 12 months. Your recipient can also benefit from our expert knowledge of artisanal cheese and our support of small batch cheesemakers, enabling them to taste cheeses that might otherwise be off the radar.

Why choose artisan cheese?

Artisan cheese is very different from the mass produced, major branded cheese you will find in a grocery store. It is typically hand produced in small batches, often using traditional methods which results in a much more complex taste and aroma. The great news is that the number of artisan cheese producers in the US has almost doubled since 2000, giving us more variety in the cheeses we select for inclusion in our subscriptions.


Also, when you choose artisan cheese you are supporting small farms and cheesemakers and people generally love a gift that does some good.

How does a monthly cheese subscription work?

Each month we select three cheeses from artisan producers in America and Europe to feature in our subscription boxes.  Each box contains a ½ pound cut of each of the three selected cheeses, with information about each cheese featured both in the box and on our website. It’s our mission to source the highest quality artisan cheeses from small producers who really value their animals, people and processes and then to educate our customers about the benefits of choosing these authentic cheesemakers by allowing them to sample their finest cheese. In essence, we do all the hard work in sourcing the cheesemakers and finding the best cheeses so that you, or your lucky recipient, can sit back and enjoy a taste of the finer cheese in life.


Don’t want a subscription but still want to buy cheese?

We also offer one-off boxes which are perfect presents for Christmas. Choose from The Classic Box at $75 which features three-½ pound cuts of the current month’s cheese selection or The Signature Box at $95, which also includes artisan crackers and an accompaniment such as jam or spread.


You might also be tempted to Build Your Own Box where you can choose 3 favorites from our current range of artisan cheeses and have them delivered to your recipient's door.


Or, if you know they like cheese but you don’t want to be responsible for choosing, why not get a gift card? Our cheese gift cards give your recipient the flexibility to choose their own box and when it will arrive.


For some people, it just isn’t Christmas without cheese and if you are buying gifts for one of these people, you can’t go far wrong with a cheese subscription box that enables them to enjoy one of their favorite foods long after the turkey and tinsel have gone. If you need help choosing a cheese gift for your friends and family this year, please do contact us or connect with us on social media for help and inspiration.

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