What's a Cheesemonger?

What's a Cheesemonger?

What is a Cheesemonger?

December 20th2017

cheese·mon·ger ˈCHēzˌmäNGɡər,-ˌməNGɡər/ (noun, BRITISH)

1. a person who sells cheese, butter, and other dairy products.

The definition of the word, "cheesemonger" is someone who sells cheese. That, of course, is the simple definition of what we do. We sell cheese, but really our job is more complex than that. We act as the liaison between the producer and you the consumer, we tend to the cheese until its sold, and we advise and educate you so you can make the best choice possible. A true cheesemonger is passionate about cheese and should be able to recommend which cheeses pair well with which foods and wines. We always know which cheese is at its peak and in season. We know the story behind the cheese. A good cheesemonger is knowledgeable and approachable. In other words, a good cheesemonger will forge a relationship with you, will learn your preferences and will happily share their passion. It is essentially an old-fashioned way of shopping for food, but in a world of super-sized box stores and impersonal grocery chains, it can be refreshing. We consider ourselves cheesemongers since that is what we do every day here at Cheesemonger Box and it is what separates us from the cheese department of your grocery store or online supermarket. We ensure a delicious cheese and an informative shopping experience every time. Like a good hairdresser or a trustworthy mechanic, a great cheesemonger will always take care of you and never let you down.

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