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Mother's Day


Our Mother's Day Box is a delicious selection of artisan cheese Mom is sure to love. It comes with 3 1/2lb. pieces of cheese, crackers and a handcrafted bean to bar chocolate bar from Ritual Chocolate.

Order by May 5th for delivery the week of May 7th.

What's Included
We think Capriole Farm makes some of the best goat cheese in the world and Sofia is truly a cheesemonger favorite. Ask any cheesemonger in the United States, this slightly aged chevre makes us all swoon! Hand-ladled and ash ripened (which is neutral in flavor) with flavors of citrus and cream and a texture that just melts in your mouth. Goat cheese doesn’t get much better.
Farm/Producer/Importer: Capriole Farm
Place: Greenville, IN
Style: Bloomy, Geotrichum Ash-Ripened
Milk Type: Pasteurized Goat
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 1-3 Weeks
Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling White Wine or Hefeweizen
Chällerhocker (pronounced "holler hocker"), is an aged cow's milk cheese from Käserei Tufertschwil in the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland. After many years of making the classic Swiss cheese Appenzeller, master cheesemaker Walter Raas longed to do something more unique. With a few tweaks of the recipe, including leaving the milk unskimmed, Walter created Chällerhocker. This complex addictive Swiss cheese is dense and smooth and tastes of brown butter, roasted cashews, and caramelized onions.
Farm/Producer/Importer: Käserei Tufertschwil/Walter Raas/Columbia Cheese
Place: Lutisburg, Switzerland
Style: Firm/cooked pressed
Milk Type: Raw cow
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 10+ months
Pairing: Dry Oloroso or Amontillado sherry. Lager or Pilsner style beer
Manchego 1605
Manchego is a tricky cheese. There are so many on the market so how do you decide what is good Manchego? We have tasted dozens and enthusiastically decided on Manchego 1605. This is one of the few Manchegos that is handmade with unpasteurized milk from a single herd of sheep and then aged with an unwaxed rind. It’s produced by Maria José at Finca Sierra La Solana, a ranch from 1878 that also grows grapes and almonds. For us, it is not about age but flavor. These wheels taste of hay, green olive, and almonds. Manchego 1605 is truly artisan and authentic.
Farm/Producer/Importer: Finca Sierra la Solana/Queseria 1605/Essex St. Cheese Company
Place: Ciudad Real, Spain
Style: Firm
Milk Type: Raw sheep
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 6-8 months
Pairing: Albariño, sour beer
Rustic Bakery Olive Oil Sel Gris
Located in Marin County, north of San Francisco, Rustic Bakery produces top-notch crackers and baked goods. We think these Olive Oil & Sel Gris flatbreads are the perfect match to cheese. They are made by hand using organic grains and extra virgin olive oil and finished with a sprinkling of French sea salt. Their flaky, crunchy texture is light yet crispy.
Ritual Chocolate Bar
Ritual Chocolate handcrafts small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate using classic European methods with an American twist. Founded in 2010 by Robbie Stout and Anna Davies, their mission is to produce exceptional quality chocolate while celebrating the complexity of the cacao bean.