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The Classic Box comes with three ½-pound cuts of cheese, carefully selected for you from the world's very best producers. FREE SHIPPING.
What's Included
Named for its domed shape, Coupole is dense and creamy and has a mild, wrinkly rind that contributes to yeasty and nutty flavors. Coupole's paste is delicate and citrusy with a fudgy texture that contrasts with the flavor of the rind. Founded in the 1980s by Allison Hooper and Bob Reese, Vermont Creamery started with a delicious fresh chevre and has continued to grow to offer an ever-expanding array of dairy products. Over 30 years later, and with more than 100 national and international awards, Vermont Creamery produces some of the most revered goat cheeses in the United States.
Farm/Producer/Importer: Vermont Creamery
Place: Websterville, VT
Style: Soft-ripened, geotrichum rind
Milk Type: Goat
Rennet: Vegetarian
Age: 3-5 weeks
Pairing: Sancerre, Oregon Pinot Noir, Saison
Pawlet is a workhorse cheese. It is great on a cheese platter, delicious for a quick snack and excellent for melting into just about any recipe. Made from raw, Jersey cow's milk Pawlet has a yielding semi-soft texture and flavors that are grassy, buttery, nutty and slightly meaty. Fun fact- in 1864 Consider Bardwell Farm was the site of America's first dairy cooperative. They produced cheddar which was loaded onto railcars and sent to New York City. The farm is now owned by Angela Miller and her husband, Russell Glover.
Farm/Producer/Importer: Consider Bardwell Farm
Place: West Pawlet, VT
Style: Semi-soft
Milk Type: Raw Cow
Rennet: Vegetarian
Age: 4-6 months
Pairing: Chardonnay, Belgian Farmhouse Ale
Master cheesemaker Michael Spycher makes cheese in his creamery located in Sumiswald, Switzerland. He uses raw milk from neighboring farms and produces Raclette, Gruyère, and Hornbacher. Hornbacher's flavors are intense. Look for notes of roasted hazelnuts, caramelized onions, brown butter, and beef. The paste is punctuated with crunchy tyrosine crystals which form during its twelve-month maturing.
Farm/Producer/Importer: Michael Spycher/Gourmino Imports
Place: Sumiswald, Switzerland
Style: Firm
Milk Type: Raw Cow
Rennet: Traditional
Age: 12 months
Pairing: Pinot Gris, Belgian-Style Brown Ale